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The Limitations of AI in Grant Writing

Updated: Apr 8

Artifical intelligence (AI) robot

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there has been a seismic shift in work automation in new fields; however, there are still significant limitations with AI when it comes to grant writing. AI can increase the speed of information collection and reduce monotonous tasks, but it cannot articulate the nuances of the information it gathers to meet funders' explicit and implicit expectations.

AI's operation is based on collecting and reusing previous research and information, primarily from the Internet. Developing a unique project that explicitly addresses grant requirements requires far more than reusing publicly accessible data. Creating a winning grant application requires in-depth project-specific knowledge, strategic market insights, imaginative solution development and a strong narrative that persuades the assessment team.

Machine Learning has yet to decipher the complexity of human decision-making and understand the strategic drivers behind grant requests and assessments. The grant proposal's unique delivery model will meet specific grant criteria, and the broader social, political and economic context is beyond the understanding of AI.

A professional grant writer understands the subtly of language and can help read between the lines of grant objectives and broader contextual motivations of the funder, which often determines whether the application is approved or declined.

Grant writing is also about storytelling that inspires grantors to support a project and cause. AI lacks the human touch needed to create a compelling narrative that excites funders and tells the story behind the mission, objectives, and project.

Lastly, AI cannot manage the human-to-human interaction essential for effective project development and grant writing. Creating relationships is fundamental to developing a robust project and persuasive grant application that connects and resonates with funders.

Humans are at the forefront of successful grant applications, and their experience and expertise will always be in demand for grant writing to be successful.

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