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What Funds Does the European Union Offer to Not-For-Profits?

Updated: Apr 8

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Not-for-profit organisations are vital in supporting communities, promoting social welfare and tackling societal challenges. For these organisations to continue their valuable work, they need funding. The European Union (EU) provides funds to support the not-for-profit sector's diverse programs and initiatives. This blog post will explore the different funds the EU offers for not-for-profits.

European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound)

The Eurofound funds research and studies on a range of issues, including working conditions, social policy analysis, skills development, and social dialogue. It also provides up-to-date information on significant social and employment developments, acting as a central resource centre for policymakers, social partners and researchers.

Europe for Citizens Programme

The Europe for Citizens Programme funds non-profit organisations for projects promoting European values such as democracy, tolerance and solidarity. The programme supports the involvement of citizens and civil society organisations in the EU’s policy-making process, encouraging their active participation in democratic life and promoting European integration. It offers financing for organizations that foster cross-border cooperation, friendly relations and greater mutual understanding between EU member states.

European Social Fund (ESF)

The European Social Fund is the EU's main instrument for promoting employment and social inclusion in member states. ESF funding is given to organisations that combat discrimination, promote social inclusion, improve labour market access and enhance workers' skills. It primarily supports training, education and vocational schemes for the underprivileged, the disabled, and those at risk of social exclusion.

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

The European Regional Development Fund improves regional development by investing in infrastructure, promoting innovation, and enhancing human capital and the environment. It provides financial assistance to regional and urban development projects, business competitiveness, and social inclusion. Not-for-profit organisations can seek funding for projects that further the ERDF's development goals.

EU Programs for Culture

The EU's extensive programmes for culture provide funding for the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage in member states. The EU invests in creative projects and supports cultural players, enabling artists and organisations to produce art and culture that reflects the cultural diversity of Europe. The EU Programs for Culture aim to strengthen the cultural capacity of Europe, encourage cultural diversity and cooperation, and promote cultural awareness and engagement.

The EU provides an array of funding opportunities for not-for-profit organisations designed to support, promote, and encourage initiatives and projects that further its social, economic, and cultural development goals. With a comprehensive understanding of what each fund offers, non-profits can apply and secure funding for their diverse projects and programs, helping support their communities and make a positive difference in society.

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