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European Union's Funds for the Environment

Updated: Apr 8

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To support a sustainable future, the EU provides various funds for developing and implementing projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions, protecting biodiversity, and sustainable urban development. However, with so many different funds, it can be overwhelming to understand which ones are best suited for research organisations and other environmental projects. In this blog post, we summarise the funds the EU offers to promote environmental sustainability.

LIFE Programme

The LIFE program is a financial instrument from the European Commission for the Environment and Climate Action. It is a significant funding source for projects to reduce carbon emissions, promote renewable energy, and sustainable urban development. Projects under this program must demonstrate that they are both environmentally and financially sustainable, with an emphasis on innovation.

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the research and innovation fund for the European Union. This fund was designed to cover a broad range of projects that focus on environmental sustainability, like developing low-carbon technologies. Research organisations can benefit from the fund's support for research, innovation activities, and the commercialisation of new technologies. To access this fund, applicants must submit their projects through open calls for submissions.

European Regional Development Fund

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) promotes European economic growth and development. The fund targets specific regions or cities by supporting projects in various sectors, including research and development, energy, transport, and digital infrastructure. Projects under this fund must promote sustainable energy, waste reduction and biodiversity protection.

Cohesion Fund

The Cohesion Fund aims to reduce economic disparities between EU member states. The fund supports initiatives that improve the environment by enhancing sustainable urban development, reducing pollution, and promoting renewable energy. Organisations can benefit from this fund by proposing projects that directly impact the overall environment, including waste management and water infrastructure.

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

The European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) funds rural development projects to promote economic growth, improve the rural environment, and address climate change. Projects under this fund can focus on various initiatives, from sustainable agriculture to innovative green businesses. Organisations can access this fund by submitting proposals for sustainable development or biodiversity protection projects

The European Union is committed to promoting environmental sustainability across different sectors. With various funds in place, organisations can access much-needed financial resources to advance their environmental initiatives. Environmental organisations should take advantage of these funds to receive funding support.

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